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This course is coming at an excellent time for our students and children. Health risks, obesity, and other health related illnesses are increasing around the nation. … I can't think of a better way to address these issues than to begin teaching Food Science in our schools. C C

I really liked the demonstration... it really highlighted the use of controls in an experiment, which is a concept that is difficult for most of my middle level students to grasp. D L

What is so wonderful about this curriculum is that the safe practices can be immediately transferred to the home environment, especially in cleanliness and food safety.  I believe that we are building life learning in our students to teach them these practices and make sure that they follow them.  L N

I found the activities in this program excellent for demonstrating the scientific method.  For my students, this is not an easy idea.  Looking for places of contamination and discussing how to make it a "controlled" experiment would really send the message to them. D L

As a Family & Consumer Science teacher, I want my students to understand that foods and nutrition classes are science based and provide an opportunity to apply knowledge learned in science classes.  Many of our students will ultimately spend some time in a food related occupation even if it is only their first part-time job.  JS

My students were engaged, eager to present information, and willing to follow through on safety procedures. Hopefully, the facts will stick with them throughout their lives. C C

Just want to let you know I've fallen in love...with this on-line course!  I hope I'm not becoming addicted! LN

...of the six or so online classes I've taken, I think that this one and the way you monitor the websites, provide feedback and assistance and resources ranks right up on the top. You really do a great job...M ES

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