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Inquiry-Based Learning -

The goal of Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) is to develop skills and attitudes to enable the learner to generate and examine knowledge throughout life, using information-processing and problem-solving skills. IBL can also foster a greater understanding of the world.

Inquiry-Based Learning is student centered, less focused on ‘what we know' and more on ‘how do we know this', and uses active involvement of students in engaging problems. One of the cornerstones to this approach is posing questions to help identify and examine information and consequences.

There are several models for Inquiry Based Learning. Food Safety FIRST follows the BSCS 5E Model:

  • "Engage" students in the concepts to be covered by capturing students' attention, stimulating their thinking and accessing prior knowledge.
  • "Explore" the concepts among students by observing, recording data, planning experiments and developing hypotheses
  • "Explain" as the teacher guides students to explain the concepts explored, generalizing results using theories and models
  • Elaborate: students extend their understanding and apply what they have learned to a new setting
  • Evaluate: students and teacher evaluate students' understanding of the concepts

To learn more about Inquiry Based Learning go here.

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